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The Fog of Truth: Close-Up on Documentaries

Jun 12, 2019

This week we look at documentaries about photography, polaroid film and ways of seeing as we review INSTANT DREAMS and Chris interviews Rodney Evans, the director of VISION PORTRAITS.

Group Review Documentary:

INSTANT DREAMS (2018) / USA (Director: Willem Baptist / Producer: Pieter van Huystee)

Now playing in select theaters nationally and internationally.

Film Featured in Interview Portion:

VISION PORTRAITS (2019) / USA (Director: Rodney Evans / Producers: Rodney Evans, H. Robert Wunder)

Opening in New York on August 9 (at the Metrograph) and in Los Angeles on August 23. 

Other Documentaries Mentioned:

Links to reviews/interview by Christopher Llewellyn Reed:


00:45 - Intro discussion of photography documentaries

15:10 - Group Review of INSTANT DREAMS

29:04 - Chris interviews Rodney Evans of VISION PORTRAITS

48:05 - Doc Talk



Artwork by Hilary Campbell

Intro music by Jeremiah Moore

Editing by Christopher Llewellyn Reed

Transitional music by BELLS (thanks to Christopher Ernst)