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The Fog of Truth: Close-Up on Documentaries

May 29, 2019

This week we look at documentaries about immigration (and specifically about migrant workers) as we review BISBEE ‘17 and have an interview with Chelsea Hernandez of BUILDING THE AMERICAN DREAM.


Group Review Documentary:

BISBEE ‘17 (2018) / USA (Director: Robert Greene / Producers: Douglas Tirola, Bennett...

May 22, 2019

Many documentaries use archival footage in different ways, sometimes the entire film is archival and other times it is interwoven with new footage, or altered or animated to create a completely new and different work. This week we chat a bit about all of these variations and review the recent archival masterpiece, THEY...

May 8, 2019

This bonus episode features an interview with the great Stanley Nelson, a prolific director telling complex and socially relevant stories in an expert and entertaining way. The episode drops the day before Nelson’s latest film, Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool, plays at the Maryland Film Festival, in co-host Chris...